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FM 1960 Animal Hospital takes pride in keeping your pets happy and healthy through our preventative approach to their healthcare. Preventative medicine is the art of preventing disease before it happens, with the theory that it’s much easier to prevent disease from occurring in the first place than it is to try to cure a disease once it takes root. Your pet can benefit greatly from preventative medicine under the care of your Houston veterinarian. Make sure you are making your pet’s health a priority by bringing them in to see us at FM 1960 Animal Hospital.

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What does preventative care look like?

Each of the above services are crucial elements in your pet’s ongoing preventative care. By ensuring they receive regular medical care from your Houston veterinarian, you’re helping your pet live their best life!

An Individualized Approach to Veterinary Care

At FM 1960 Animal Hospital, we know no two pets are the same, even if they’re the same species or from the same litter. Your Houston veterinarian will customize your pet’s preventative care to meet their specific health needs. We’ll ask you questions about their medical history and behavior, in addition to collecting standard information on their age, breed, and other physical characteristics.

With this information in hand, our veterinary team will conduct a physical exam, looking at your pet from nose to tail. We will typically order laboratory tests in conjunction with your pet’s physical exam so we can get a full picture of their health. Once we have your pet’s laboratory results, we’ll be able to make specific and targeted recommendations for their ongoing care. Our goal is to help your pet live their happiest, healthiest life!

Preventative Care for Senior Pets

Your senior pets still need preventative care! Keeping on top of their health can go a long way to protecting and preserving their quality of life as they age. We recommend you continue to bring your senior pets in to see us at FM 1960 Animal Hospital regularly so we can keep an eye out for changes. Your Houston veterinarian will teach you what signs to watch out for that may indicate your senior pet is struggling. We’ll help your pet live out their golden years in happiness and comfort.

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Happy, Healthy Pets

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  • Professional & Friendly!

    “The staff is very professional and friendly! The doctors are knowledgeable and caring.”

    - Maria V.
  • I Would Give a Rating of More Then 10 if I Could!

    “I think the staff, as well as the Doctor, is fantastic! Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable! I don’t plan on ever going anywhere else! I really appreciated the follow up from the Doctor! Thank you all for the love and care y’all have shown.”

    - Sharon P.
  • Best Puppy Hospital EVER

    “Best puppy hospital EVER. They took care of our poor dying fur baby and helped us bring him back to life. With the treatment that they prescribed and at how care. Our beloved Beau is feeling like himself again. Thank you, Dr. Martinez and Ruby!”

    - Hope N.
  • Friendly & Kind

    “In these tough times, everyone was very friendly and kind. I felt that my Bailey was in good hands!”

    - Debbie M.
  • Compassionate & Very Knowledgeable

    “I’ve worked in the industry for 15 years and have always taken all my pets to the vet I initially worked for years ago. I was sad when I moved and needed to find another vet. I came across this clinic and have been very happy.”

    - Jennifer G.

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