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Veterinary Radiographs in Houston

Using Digital Radiology for a Closer Look at Your Pet’s Health

One of the most important tools in our arsenal for caring for your pet’s health is digital radiology. FM 1960 Animal Hospital offers digital radiology as part of our suite of diagnostic services available. We use digital x-rays to take a closer look at your pet’s internal systems. If their bloodwork or physical exam indicates that there might be a problem underneath their fur, your Houston veterinarian will use x-ray imaging to get a different perspective on their health.

For more information about our digital radiology capabilities, please call (281) 303-5132 or contact us online.

Digital X-Rays at FM 1960 Animal Hospital

X-rays help us to see beyond your pet’s fur to take images of their internal systems. X-rays use electromagnetic radiation in order to capture images of your pet’s bones and muscles. These still images can either be printed on film or viewed on a computer monitor. While digital radiology is both non-invasive and pain-free, your pet may need to be sedated in order to generate a clear picture. At FM 1960 Animal Hospital, we use modern digital x-ray technology, which uses less radiation than traditional methods to capture images.

X-rays are best used for:

  • Diagnosing traumatic injuries
  • Finding foreign objects
  • Identifying tumors
  • Monitoring broken bones

Digital x-rays are a great tool in our diagnostic arsenal. We’ll be able to get a different perspective on your pet’s condition without any invasive measures, which means we’ll be able to quickly diagnose their ailment, getting treatment faster.


In addition to digital x-rays, FM 1960 Animal Hospital is able to offer ultrasounds as part of our diagnostic and radiology capabilities. Like x-rays, ultrasounds help us take images of your pet’s internal systems in the service of diagnosing your pet’s conditions. However, ultrasounds produce real time images instead of still pictures of your pet’s soft tissues, unlike x-rays which primarily capture images of solid or tense tissues. Because ultrasounds don’t use radiation to produce these images, ultrasounds are safe for use on delicate tissues and pregnant pets.

Ultrasounds are also non-invasive and pain-free. We recommend using ultrasounds when we need to get a closer look at your pet’s internal organs, soft tissues, or even pregnancies. These images can tell us a wealth of information about your pet’s current condition, and can help us get your pet back on the track to good health.

Get a closer look at your pet’s health with radiographs at FM 1960 Animal Hospital. Call (281) 303-5132 or contact us online to learn more about digital radiology.

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